New homes for Oving residents

A new housing development is taking shape in Oving and Chichester District Council is inviting households to register a ‘local connection’ for one of the homes.

The council is planning to hold a registration event at Jubilee Hall, in High Street, Oving, on Wednesday, January 12.

Council and parish council staff, together with representatives of Affinity Sutton, will be available between 3pm and 7pm to discuss the development.

The homes, being built off Gribble Lane, include one-bedroom bungalows and two and three- bedroom houses.

Households with a local connection to Oving will be a priority during the allocation process.

A statement issued by the district council said a local connection was defined as:

a current Oving resident (for at least 12 months);

being permanently employed in Oving (for at least 18 hours a week, and for a minimum of 12 months);

having a family member already living in Oving (mother, father, brother, sister, or children aged 18 and over, for a minimum of five years); or

being a previous Oving resident forced to move away due to a lack of affordable housing.

Interested housing register applicants who felt they met any of the criteria must make sure the council had all the relevant information to allocate the properties.

They should take along to the session any evidence to support at least one of the connections.

This would make sure a bid for one of the properties was considered in line with the council’s

allocation policy.

There would also be an opportunity to join the housing register for residents who met the requirements.