New outpatient building plan for Haslemere Hospital

HASLEMERE Hospital’s League of Friends is pushing forward with the concept of a new building for the outpatients department.

Chairman Rose Parry made the announcement at the annual meeting, and was upbeat with the exciting news.

She said the League of Friends hopes to secure Haslemere Hospital as ‘a focal point for care in the local community’.

One of the priorities is to support increased outpatient clinics and diagnostic investigations and treatments locally, to help anyone living nearby.

Mrs Parry said: “The concept came about after listening to the Haslemere House Group in making sure Haslemere Hospital is used for all, but especially 
for the elderly for whom a trip to Royal Surrey and an appointment or treatment can prove very exhausting.

“Discussion proved that the current outpatients is too small for all the appointments needed.

“As the League of Friends had some money, we wanted to spend it for the benefit of the whole community.

“A modular building is quick to erect and can meet the standards of the NHS, and being two storeys on the current footprint, will have the space.

“We have done most of the groundwork, and it could be up and running within a year.”

Another aim of the development is to make the hospital ‘less vulnerable in the future’.

The league is keen, with the funds with which it has been entrusted, to kickstart the idea of a new modular building to replace the 50-year-old outpatients department.

It has outgrown its original function, so the league has initiated an architects ‘blue sky’ concept, showing what a two-storey modular outpatient building might look like on site, and with existing buildings.