New project from the Fernhurst Centre


THERE is an extra-special welcome waiting for anyone moving into Fernhurst.

The village, which has a wealth of activities on offer for people of all ages in the community, has found a way of advertising them to those coming to live there.

The new project has been launched by members of the Fernhurst Centre, based at the heart of the village.

A ‘welcome pack’ has been put together which, it is hoped, will go to everyone moving to a new home in Fernhurst as soon as possible when they arrive so that adults and children can find out about what there is in the village.

The pack contains detailed information about vital facilities such as the surgery and pharmacy, Fernhurst Primary School and pre-school, the church and church services, the club and the post office.

It also contains information on the great range of thriving clubs and societies that exist for sports and social life for families, younger villagers as well as adults.

Samples of the pack have been given to estate agents in the surrounding area, the surgery and other venues so that people can take a look at one and go along to the centre to collect one.

In it there is also a voucher for a free cup of tea or coffee as an extra encouragement to stay and find out all the centre can offer.

“Fernhurst is exceptionally lucky with all the extras it has to offer, but it can take some time to find out about them all,” said centre trustee Antonia Plant who, with its manager Pauline Colcutt, assembled the welcome pack.

“We hope this will help.”