New skate park plans in the pipeline for Midhurst

editorial image

Skateboarders in Midhurst are joining forces with the town council in a bid to provide enthusiasts with a state-of-the-art skate park.

26 year old Jason Woodman and fellow skate boarder Joe Scofield told town councillors the present facilities in Carron Lane were well past their sell by date with out of date materials and almost unusable equipment.

He said a realistic estimate for new facilities to fit the space available was between £120,000-£130,000 and he was keen to start fund raising.

“Midhurst skate park is going on for 15 years old. It is made of fibre glass and some of the panelling and the rivets are coming off, it is getting close to being unusable.”

He said new skate parks were made of concrete: “They are proven to be quieter and easy to maintain and they also dry much quicker. When it has been raining it is two days before we can use the Midhurst skate park.”

He said facilities needed for an up to date skate park were a mini ramp, quarter pipe and jump box and a street section. These would cater for all skate park users, both the boarders and the bladers and the bikes and scooters.

In addition he said a special safe area was needed for younger more inexperienced enthusiasts: “One of the problems we face is there are a lot of younger kids and there have been discussions with their parents who haven’t been pleased because they get knocked off. We don’t want to stop them using the skate park but we want them to be safe. We are proposing to concrete a grass area closeby for them.”

Jason suggested resurrecting the skate boarding competition which was run by the town council to get fund raising started.

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