No plans to re-open Vishal murder case at Rogate


SUSSEX police say there are no current plans to reopen the investigation into the murder of the eight-year-old boy whose remains were found in Rogate in 1982.

Last week his father Vashambar claimed his son may have died at the hands of a Westminster paedophile ring and said he feared Scotland Yard helped ‘cover up’ the crime.

A spokesman for Sussex police told the Observer: “This Sussex investigation has been reviewed as a matter of standard policy for such unresolved serious crimes.

“There are no current developments, but of course we would look into any new information that could lead to a new line of enquiry.

“Vishal Mehrotra disappeared from Putney in London on the day of the royal wedding, 
July 29 in 1981, and was found dead in woods at Rogate in 1982. This was therefore initially a Met missing person case and then a Sussex murder enquiry.”

Pigeon shooters had found the skull and ribs of Vishal in remote marshland at Durford Abbey Farm.

At the inquest into his death, West Sussex coroner Mark Calvert Lee recorded an open verdict, but he said ‘foul play’ was likely.

In 2000, Sussex Police re-opened Vishal’s case, hoping new scientific techniques would help them.

A special team of detectives was set up to re-examine unsolved murders, using improved forensic science methods and computer technology, but they were unsuccessful.