NOSTALGIA: No nose was bad nose at fundraising event, 1988

February, 1988 - pupils at Midhurst Grammar school took part in the Red Nose Day campaign to raise money for Comic Relief.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 1:08 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:50 am

They made sure that included everyone - even headmaster Ted Hickford who was sponsored to take an assembly wearing one of the noses as well as walking up and down North Street in one.

Even Petworth postman Stephen Boakes joines in the fun, donning a red nose for his rounds.

Pupils were also sponsored to stand up and tell silly jokes, and Mr Hickford even chipped in with an outrageous one, “because that’s the thing they don’t expect from me.”

“We are trying to reflect was Comic Relief has set out to do and makr the children aware of what is happening, buut not with sadness - with a comic side to it,” added Mr Hickford.

Around 500 of the noses were supplied to the school and all were snapped up by people anxious to contribute to the fundraising initiative.

Money was also raised by pupils who normally wore uniforms to school paying to wear casual clothes instead and vice versa.

Some of the cash will go towards covering school fees for a Gambian teenager the school is sponsoring.

Ousman Badjie (15) used to live in a mud hut with foster parents.

Mr Hickford said: “We are covering all his tuition fees. Another £200 to £250 should see him through.”

Meanwhile, the girls and staff of St Michael’s School, near Petworth Park, took part enthusiastically in a day of silly events in aid of Comic Relief.

Pupils paid to wear their own clothes for the day, while teachers had to pay to be seen in all manner of school uniforms.

Girls also parted with their cash in sponsored events - the wearing of red noses, silences and a reminder of the purpose of it all, famines.

Some took part in an assault course which had to be completed with an egg held in the mouth, and many more enthusiastically paid up to throw wet sponges at noble volunteer Cherry Potts.

A silly hat contest stimulated some highly creative entries from both staff and pupils. A huge seashell, a hen on its nest, a frying pan, and an extraordinary creation made from two lacrosse sticks, team vests, and a pair of gym shoes were just some of the entries judged by chairman of the governors.

The winners were Kate Davies, Nicky Dennis, Laura Edwards, and Annabel Ford, who all won prizes of chocolates.

In all, the school successed in raising a total of between £150 and £200 for Comic Relief.