Number plate week of action in Petworth

OFFICERS from Petworth Neighbourhood Policing Team mounted an operation against motorists breaking the law this week.

Using the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, vehicles were checked against computer databases listing uninsured, wanted and stolen vehicles, and were stopped if they were flagged up.

More than 4,000 number plates were read from various villages around Petworth during the week.

Police community support officer Jenn Morley said: “ANPR operations are a successful intelligence led, crime fighting and road safety tool.

“This operation was a great success, it involved Petworth NPT and officers from the roads policing unit working together to tackle criminals as they move around the Petworth area.

“Throughout the week several vehicles of interest were stopped by officers including vehicles that have previously been seen in the vicinity of crime.

“Six people were dealt with for driving on a road with no insurance and numerous dealt with for not having a valid MOT.

“Criminals should be aware that there are very few places they can hide.

“ANPR targets criminals who are not only of interest to us, but those who may be of interest to other forces across the country.

“Petworth NPT will continue to run these operations as a pro-active approach to target crimes and criminals that impact on our communities.”

ANPR reads vehicle number plates via cameras, which are compared against the Police National Computer and other databases.

When a match is made the officer monitoring the system receives an alert which details the nature of police interest in that vehicle.

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity or suspicious vehicles should report it immediately to Sussex Police using the new non-emergency number of 101.