Antiques Corner by Patrick van de Vorst

An Art Deco cast of a horse
An Art Deco cast of a horse

THIS week we valued an Art Deco cast of a horse.

The bronzed sculpture was cast by Marie Louise-Simard in France, circa 1925.

The highly-stylised horse, wrought with muscular neck and decorated with silvered circles, has a mane and tail that are detailed with a Greek key motif.

The horse is supported on a bronze base with depictions of warriors on the front and reverse.

The base is inscribed L M Simard and impressed with foundry mark, La Stele. The foot is also impressed with Simard’s monogram.

The sculpture stands 39.5cm high.

This bronzed and damasked horse is an extraordinary piece of Art Deco sculpture.

Only a few counterparts to this sculpture were ever created, and only a couple have ever made it to auction.

One such gilt and polished piece was offered through Sotheby’s in London in September 2003, and another, smaller, dark cast also circulated the market later on.

Both reached top asking price of around £40,000.

We valued the horse at £18,000-£25,000.