Antiques Corner by Patrick Van de Vorst

THIS week we valued a Clarice Cliff Blue Chintz pattern bowl dated to the early 1930s.

The pattern ‘Chintz’ was introduced in 1932 and appears in three different colour combinations: orange, green and blue.

It is one of the most desirable Art Deco designs and always popular with collectors.

However, the bowl shape is not one of the most sought after among collectors, who favour pieces in the same pattern but in strong, angular shapes.

Clarice Cliff is regarded as one of the most influential ceramics artists of the 20th century and her work is collected and admired all over the world.

She was born in 1899 and started working at The Potteries at the young age of 13.

After moving to AJ Wilkinson’s pottery, she was give her own studio and launched her famous Bizarre wares in 1927.

Her fame spread quickly and a solo exhibition was held in 1972, the year of her death.

Our expert valued the bowl at £100-£150.