Buses to villages should not be stopped by roadworks

Due to roadworks on the A285 at Maudlin the Stagecoach 55 bus service has been temporarily suspended from serving Halnaker and Boxgrove villages.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 10:20 am
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 11:25 am
A Stagecoach bus

The bus is travelling as far as Westhampnett then turning around back towards the A27 and travelling east towards Tangmere omitting Boxgrove and Tangmere altogether.

Apparently in serving Westhampnett the bus journey time is increased and to make up the ‘lost’ time the villages of Halnaker and Boxgrove are being omitted.

This make no sense at all to me.

I see no reason for the bus not to take advantage of the A285 slip road at Temple Bar on the A27 and be able to include Boxgrove and Halnaker and continue to Tangmere as usual.

In order to allow for the extra time the 55 service could be temporarily reduced to an hourly service.

As a Boxgrove resident I am very concerned that omitting Boxgrove and Halnaker from the 55 bus route for four weeks is quite unacceptable to school children, commuters and the elderly and/or infirm who are unable to take advantage of an alternative bus stop on the Southside of the busy A27.

I have written to my district councillor and county councillor asking for action to reinstate Boxgrove and Halnaker into the temporal arrangements and if necessary to reduce the service to an hourly timetable.

This would at least provide for a bus service other than none at all.

Graham Dipple, The Street, Boxgrove