Chichester will become '˜Emschester' if ubran sprawl continues

I would like you to consider publishing my statement made to the Chichester District Council Planning Committee on Wednesday, December 19, with respect to the application from Barratts/ David Wilson Homes in respect of a proposal for the construction of 50 dwellings, landscaping, associated works and access from the A259 on land North of Highgrove Farm, Main Road, Bosham, West Sussex.

Thursday, 3rd January 2019, 9:03 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:35 am
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“Insiders believe our planning system is broken and today in this room our committee is being asked to work with some of the shattered fragments.

“Moving between the protective designations of a National Park and an Area of Outstanding Naturay Beauty, a deer, fox, badger, water vole, field mouse, hedgehog and the like currently have to hazard a main rail line and a four-lane trunk road.

“Avians like buntings, finches, siskins, longtailed tits, warblers, wrens, gold crests use the hedges as corridors.

“Habitat fragmentation stares us in the face and all for the sake of protecting a kilometre-wide separation.

“When Julian Glover expressed the hope last week on BBC Radio 4 that these protective designations will form the hubs of networks, there has to be open countryside upon which the networks can function.

“Continuous urban sprawl is unconducive.

“A bad decision today cannot be undone and a vital strand of our biodiversity is unravelled forever.

“Harbour and Downs habitats will be divorced forever.

“Turning to the human perspective, a bad decision today will tear the view betwixt the ancient yews of Kingley Vale, the beech of Stoke Clump and our harbour lands.

“A further decision to adopt the so-called ‘Preferred Approach’ will destroy it forever.

“The freestanding city of Chichester set amidst distinctive surrounding villages will be replaced by sprawl already mockingly called ‘Emschester’.

“Is this to be the legacy of your time in public office?”

End of statement.

I hope it meets with your approval for publication. I spoke on behalf of the Bosham Association.

Dick Pratt, Bosham Lane, Bosham