KELLY BROWN: Expensive gifts or appreciation all year?

The day to show your mum how much you love them is almost upon us '“ but is it me who just hates how overly commercialised the whole thing is now?

Wednesday, 2nd March 2016, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:30 pm
Kelly Brown

I remember when I was a child I used to go to the corner shop and buy a packet of Rolos, and then wrap it up with paper I had decorated myself as a present for Mother’s Day.

And of course my brother and I would attempt some kind of breakfast in bed scenario... even if it did involve producing some luke-warm tea and badly cooked toast.

But if the barrage of advertising on our screens and in shop windows is anything to go by then our attempts just would not cut it these days.

Now it is not just a card with some flowers, chocolates and a homemade picture which is apparently enough to show your mum how much you love them, but expensive bags, jewelery and spa weekends are apparently all normal and to-be-expected gifts.

And this is on top of lavish lunches in packed pubs and restaurants.

Surely there are much better things and better ways to show your love and appreciation.

For me. all I would like from my little monkeys is a cuddle in the morning and to spend a really good quality day with them.

And if they can manage to not be naughty at all for the entire day then that would be a bonus!

Of course as well as spending time with my children on Sunday I will also be spending time with my mum.

And I am certain she would rather spend a quality day with me more than anything else.

Because of course while it is lovely to have a day to really spoil our mums if we can, we should surely be showing our appreciation all year around.

My family have been such a huge support to me, especially since having children and I can’t imagine how I would function without their help.

I know so many of my friends are also in the same boat as me in that their parents and other family members help with school runs, child care and 101 other things. Without that assistance, trying to juggle everything would be near-on impossible.

And so I will say a big thank you to my mum not only on Sunday – but through the rest of the year too.

Mum, I really would be lost without you!