KELLY BROWN: My poker face is very much in place despite diva tantrams

The stamping of the foot, the crossing of the arms and showing you the biggest bottom lip in the world!

Monday, 1st February 2016, 1:55 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:47 am
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And all the while you are doing your best not to show your complete and utter amusement at your child having a bit of a tantrum.

Oh yes, my daughter is very much going through the pushing the boundaries phase at the moment.

I will tell her not to do something, and with a look of utter defiance she will do it in either slow motion or to a slightly less degree to see if I really mean what I say or if she can get away with it.

If she asks me for something to which I say no, her reaction very much falls into that of Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With a stamp of the foot and a ‘but I want it now’ complete with a sulky face, she has now decided to test and see if this reaction works. Needless to say, she gets nowhere with me!

In fact the biggest test for me is not to laugh at her almost comical outbursts. I can tell from her little face that she knows she is being a little bit funny.

But if I laugh, that will be it – she is a little comedian at the best of times without my encouraging her any further!

I know it is just a phase which all children go through in varying extremes. But the stubbornness of my little lady makes me fear (and be amused) she may be in the phase for a little longer than it was with my son.

Unfortunately for me, all of this is coupled with the biggest independence streak in the world (no idea who she gets that from).

She wants to do everything herself regardless of if she can or should and if I don’t let her, it generates more frustrated foot stomps or a big old diva strop.

Whoever said girls can be far harder work than boys is most definitely right on the money.

My son’s acts of defiance or pushing the boundaries were completely different to my daughter’s.

So for now I have to (silently) applaud her effort and perseverance as well as keep my poker face in place for a while longer!