DAWN GRACIE Collaboration really is the key to survival

THE definition of collaboration is ‘Working together to achieve a goal’

It’s something that I’m a huge fan of and am so proud to have been instrumental in creating and involved with many of my own successful collaborations – with some very exciting ones on the horizon for 2013.

Collaboration has been the key to survival for many of the small business women I know and the small acorns they started with have blossomed into glorious oak trees, reaping priceless pr and of course necessary income!

The starting point for collaboration is finding people and businesses who have the same ethos and philosophy as your own, and you’ll know when you find the right ones because something will just ‘click’!

Come up with a way in which your businesses can merge for either a one-off event or a series of projects and feel the power in numbers. You might know your business best, but securing the right collaboration means that you can benefit from the experience and knowledge.

By opening your eyes to collaboration, rather than trying to do everything yourself in a ‘jack of all and master of none’ style, you are missing out on so much growth potential.

And remember there’s nothing better than raising a celebratory glass of bubbly with other people.