DAWN GRACIE: College is playing key role in businesses’ networking

LAST week I had a very productive planning meeting with Helen Loftus at Chichester College who is the head of enterprise.

Ever since the college invited me to use its Goodwood Restaurant to hold my monthly Mumpreneurs networking meetings, we have looked at ways in which I can bridge the communication between local business and the various college departments.

The past 12 months at the college have just flown by, and so Helen and I thought it was time to put our heads together to form a plan for making this really happen.

We have already had a few networkers step up to host free workshops, but now is the time to really get my business contacts working with the many curriculum areas to share, educate and enrich.

We have the Adult Learners week June 16-20 to look forward to with many of my members running events and talks, and so to follow on from that, I am looking for more businesses and individuals I can connect with the various departments within the college.

If you would like to get involved, firstly come along to meet us at the next meet-up on May 22, from 10am-11.30am and let me do the rest for you.

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