DAWN GRACIE Don’t tweet that in anger: keep cool online

I RECENTLY had an experience with another business that has left a terrible taste in my mouth.

As a paying customer, I feel I was treated with little respect and certainly the old adage ‘the customer is always right’ was not a poster they kept above their door!

In the good old days, I’d probably be tempted to put pen to paper and drop Esther Rantzen a note, pouring my disgruntled heart out, but in this modern age of technology, we can react to situations like this very quickly and vent our anger in a very public way, reaching lots of people within a few seconds of an incident.

Social media sites can spread negative feedback immediately, and I have seen many a kneejerk rant over the years.

However, I have a strict rule which is to never vent my anger in this way, no matter how deliciously tempting it is.

I think words said in anger can be forgotten, but when written so publicly will leave doubt in others’ minds as to your own integrity and professionalism.

So next time you feel your blood boiling and want to tell the world, 
just sit on it for a few days and then deal with it offline.

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