DAWN GRACIE: ‘Events in bell tent’ idea is a fairytale for wedding parties

EVERY now and then I see a new business which really catches my eye, whether it be images or promotion I’ve seen online, or perhaps word of mouth has made its way to me via networking.

I recently came across Tinker Bell Tent Parties and found myself pining for the days when my now 16-year-old daughter loved fairies and bunting and this would have been her idea of heaven.

Keen glamper Lorraine Dumbrell set up Tinker Bell Tent Parties in May this year and yes, the typo is deliberate, because the heart of this business is the bell tent.

Again I do love a clever business name, so it endeared me even further.

I asked Lorraine about her plans for the future: “We are now offering our tent for sleepovers for older girls, soft-play parties for little birthdays and weddings, and also we are available to run crafts and keep the children busy while the wedding speeches are taking place.

“The tent is also available for the married couple on the wedding night.

“We have recently introduced pirate parties and have plans for equally magical winter parties that can be held in a village hall or similar – watch this space!”

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:: www. tinkerbelltentparties.co.uk/