DAWN GRACIE It’s the right time to jump on the bandwagon

MOST of us are now doing it. We do it for fun, we do it for business, but is social media worth the effort?

Those who still haven’t fully jumped on the band wagon – yes, there are a few out there – make comments like ‘Nobody wants to know what you’ve had for breakfast’ and ‘I don’t want people knowing everything about me’ – and it infuriates me!

It’s true social media used to be the teenagers’ playground, but now it is used in business to great effect and I have met so many people who attribute most of their revenue to it. You can showcase your products, you can prove your expertise, engage with customers and you can also undertake stealth research and keep an eye on your competitors.

The time commitment I make to Facebook and Twitter has proven hugely rewarding both in my personal and business life and yes, naysayers, I’m talking real friendships and actual income! Oh, and I haven’t had to tell anyone what brand of cereal I’m eating, or my home address.

But remember not all social media platforms suit all types of business so take some advice from the experts and check out what your competitors are doing before you jump on the wagon.