DAWN GRACIE: Putting my best foot forward when it comes to awards...

I WILL never forget picking up a ‘highly commended’ award for Business Personality of the year at the very swanky Johnston Press Business Awards at The Grand recently, but not for the reasons you might think.

It was only as I was approaching the stage to accept my award that I realised I had nothing planned to say and was a little concerned about whether or not I’d actually make it to the stage at all on account of the incredibly high heels I’d decided to wear.

I paused for a second as I was about to step up on the stage, and I briefly considered taking my shoes off, but vanity prevailed and to avoid looking any shorter than I already am, I decided to keep them on.

Once successfully on the stage, to my horror, I felt my heel wedge itself and I was well and truly stuck!

Fred Dinenage was very gallant and after a few minutes on his hands and knees pulling my shoe out, we somehow turned the situation into a comedy double act.

I was, of course, honoured to accept the award and muttered something gracious but I will always remember the night as the one where I really was stuck for words!

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