DAWN GRACIE: Shout it from the rooftops, just like my fellow networkers

THIS week I’m throwing the spotlight on one of my longest-standing fellow networkers who, despite being a quietly-spoken lady in person, uses the power of social media to shout from the rooftops.

Diana Morgan has been running her own social media marketing business for three years.

“I decided to concentrate on a few niche areas related to my own knowledge and interests: food, gardening, events, and green businesses,” said Diana.

“I set up Tuppenny Barn Organics and Caroline’s Dairy ice cream on their social media journey and began working with the organisers of the Stansted Garden Show, and I’m pleased to say they are still my clients. Working with people who have such passion for their work is particularly rewarding.

“Creating social media accounts is fairly simple, but building engagement and maintaining momentum is another matter. The way I work is to really get to understand what makes the client and their business tick, and to use that plus my own knowledge and contacts to build awareness with local individuals and the business community. January was very busy with lots of enquiries, which I put down to people making their new year business resolutions.”

For more information visit www.dianamorgan.co.uk