DAWN GRACIE: Summer brings its own struggles for working mothers

Dawn Gracie
Dawn Gracie

SO THE school holidays have begun. What does it mean to you?

Does it mean planning childcare for your little ones so that business can carry on as usual?

Does it mean you are looking forward to scheduling in days out with the kids and the acceptance you will be on a ‘go slow’ for the next six to eight weeks?

Does your job allow no flexibility and organising childcare requires not only supreme planning, but extra expense of kids’ clubs and childminders?

I’m not facing these dilemmas myself as 
my two children are old enough to organise their own time and transport, but I do remember it very well.

Even though my job during the kids’ early years was flexible, it still required me to carry out tasks that dealt with customers who gave no regard to my childcare issues. I still had to work my diary so I was calling my customers at a time which suited them, not the other way around.

That’s sales for you! So I do empathise with working parents with little ones and can only offer the assurance that there are many of you out there, all facing the same issues and you will make it through to September.

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