DAWN GRACIE: Taking the plunge and going it alone as a start-up firm

I meet a lot of people through the various networking groups I’m a part of.

From Chamber of Commerce to my own MNC Networking Club, there is such a mixed bag of businesses, from one-woman bands to representatives of larger corporations, but all there for the same reason; to get to know other like-minded people.

At my last meeting, there were a few who were taking the plunge, going it alone and moving out of their safe career path to set up their own businesses and be truly the masters of their own destiny.

Firstly, Sophia Davis, makeup artist extraordinaire of Beauty by Sophia, who I have worked with many times, and Danielle Stroud of Belle Agent who makes new from old, and creates unique jewellery from discarded and unhappy cutlery.

There were even a few ladies who came along to ‘see what’s out there’, looking for a career change and in one case, just moved to the area. Networking groups are the perfect vehicle to discovering what is around you and available as your next big thing.

All these ladies were networking novices and coped admirably with the introductions section and, of course, established members welcomed them with open arms.