DAWN GRACIE Time to roll out red carpet – for accountant?

WITH THE dreaded tax return deadline looming, it was once again time to roll out the red carpet and welcome my friendly accountant Frances of Harmer Slater to my office for a cup of tea and to serve me a slice of reality pie.

Like a sadist, I actually look forward to her yearly visit because I enjoy the opportunity to reflect and really take stock of the whole picture.

That is after I have been frantically running around gathering paperwork for her arrival and insisting I’d been very good at keeping all my receipts, bills and invoices in order.

I’ve had some monumental changes in my freelance offering during the past 18 months and to analyse the ins and outs of the financials has been a grounding experience, allowing the focus to be realigned.

Frances reminded me it was of course a whole year ago that I promised faithfully that I’d be keeping everything in order and supply her with a beautiful spreadsheet on a memory stick as opposed to the carrier bag of paper.

And yet I had failed that little mission – so of course I duly waved her goodbye with another promise of the same for next year.


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