DAWN GRACIE Work/life balance for parents needs planning

This week’s column is dedicated to Parent’s Week, as declared by the Family and Parenting Institute, an independent charity who want the UK to be more family friendly and are campaigning on a number of issues that affect children and families in the UK today.

They recognise that millions of UK family members struggle to achieve the work/life balance that they and their children need and that workers in this country put in longer hours than most other European nations – and evidence shows the hours are getting longer in these difficult economic times.

Achieving the perfect work/life balance as a parent has its difficulties and often requires logistical planning to the nth degree. As a parent who chooses to attempt this work/life balance act, I certainly class one of my many ‘hats’ as being a parent. Ok so my children are now teenagers and things have become easier now I don’t have the school run to fit in, but the whole work/life balance is an area that needs constant review and my hat, albeit slightly moth-eaten and worn around the edges, is not ready to be hung up yet!




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