Don't build new houses in Nyetimber without updating roads first

Reference the article on page 3 of last week's Observer, regarding the planning permission for Pagham Road, I wonder if the planners have taken into consideration the number of vehicles that will appear on the road prior to 9am each working day?

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 8:51 am
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 9:51 am

A total of 40 new houses are already being built in Nyetimber adjacent to the shops. That means 60-plus extra cars pouring onto the road between 8am and 9am each working morning.

A planning application was also lodged for 400 more houses within the Hook Lane and Sefter Road area.

All these houses will have cars, probably two, some will have, in addition, a white van.

This will mean another circa-500 cars to the extras already coming from Nyetimber as there is no industry or means of occupation within Pagham, not forgetting the three buses in each direction each hour.

A bottleneck already exists at the new Chichester Free School at the top of Pagham Road, as pupils are dropped off each morning.

At the present time, there is little space along the whole of Pagham Road in Nyetimber.

Several cars belonging to current residents living in flats opposite the shops in Nyetimber are parked in the road as they have no other parking space.

Unless there is a road-widening scheme to alleviate this problem I see no sense in proceeding with more housing in this location.

Bryan Foster, Ross Close, Nyetimber