Doom and gloom over Brexit could be misplaced

So, it's back to school week and even the politicians are back at work, so we know it's a slow slippery slope to Christmas.

Saturday, 8th September 2018, 11:00 am

Despite MPs being on their summer recess, talk of Brexit has never been far away and everyone has an opinion on it, so I thought perhaps I would share mine.

I voted leave for many reasons but the biggest was the lack of control we had of our own UK laws and allowing a group of undemocratically elected politicians to dictate what we can do in our own country.

There are also the vast sums of money (however much) that we put into the EU coffers every week and a lack of control over immigration.

I almost felt like I couldn’t say I voted leave after the result came out as some people were being accused of being racist for voting for Brexit.

Everyone had their own reasons for voting to leave the EU and it is very patronising of politicians who don’t agree with the result to say why we voted this way.

Most people I’ve spoken to accept the result even if they don’t agree with it and I fear if we end up going down the route of another referendum, democracy in this country will be completely undermined and the effects of this could be far more destructive than some of the doomsday predictions being made when we leave the EU.

The next few months are going to the very interesting as they get down to the nitty gritty and final detail of a deal and I think it’s totally ridiculous for us and the media to expect to know all the details while they are still negotiating.

It’s like a business meeting where you tell the other party involved all your plans before trying to close a deal.

We are very good at talking ourselves down in this country and need to try and remember that not all predictions of doom and gloom come true, the opposite may happen.

I look forward to a time when we can get through a whole week without hearing the word ‘Brexit’ used once, but that clearly is asking too much.

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