DUNCAN BARKES Be brave – tell us about your guilty pleasures

I gather there were some barbed remarks flying around on some TV talent show recently.

Evidently some wannabe singer received criticism from the judges for not having the ‘X-Factor’, while another described him as her ‘guilty pleasure’.

I pondered on this phrase, concluding that we do all have one or two.

For instance...

I know it’s not cool, but my Wednesday night is never complete unless I have had a dose of ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Britain’.

Watching Ms Allsopp get crafty never fails to delight, and it does become particularly captivating when something goes wrong.

A grumpy Kirstie is a delicious sight to behold.

Shameful to admit, but another TV guilty pleasure I always made sure I was home in time to watch was ITV’s Bad Girls.

I know it was awful, but the goings-on in a fictitious women’s prison proved an to be an appointment to view, if only for the dreadful acting.

Music is a rich source of guilty pleasures.

In fact, one genius events organiser set up a club night based on guilty pleasure music and it went down a storm.

The concept was also extended to an album that was very popular.

Musical guilty pleasures, for me, include Chicory Tip, John Denver, Herman’s Hermits, Roger Whittaker and Rick Astley.

Oh, and Gilbert O’Sullivan.

But I bet I’m not alone in tapping my feet to any of these artists’ tunes.

I also have a guilty radio pleasure. Tucked away on a Sunday night on BBC Radio 2 is the David Jacobs Collection, featuring songs from the great American songbook and other such gems.

When DJ is on and spinning his platters, then the weekend is complete.

Guilty pleasure food is a literal banquet. One of my favourites is a tin of Heinz Sausages and Baked Beans, poured into a pint glass and heated in the microwave.

And then there’s corned beef, peas and new potatoes, served together and drenched with tomato ketchup. The other day I met someone on the train who told me this column was his guilty pleasure.

I’m not sure if that was a compliment or not.

So, I have told you mine, or some of them, at least. Now tell me yours – if you dare!

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