A few snippets of information about the EU

To remind our MP that ‘to reason without data is delusion’, I would like to draw her attention to a few snippets of information I came across last week.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 9:09 am
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 10:10 am
A British Union Jack and European Union flag fly SUS-190124-085814001

Firstly that EU loyalists who predicted disaster for Britain in general and British carmakers in particular have been left with egg on their faces as new figures show that the country is growing faster than major EU economies with Jaguar Land Rover ‘signalling’ huge investments in British manufacturing.

Also, Aston Martin achieved annual sales of over £1billion and small carmakers like Morgan Motors, have been enjoying significant increases in sales and exports.

Did Mrs Keegan read that the George Soros’s Stefan Batory Foundation has stated that the EU’s survival rests on ‘the progressive battle’ to force – yes, force – globalism on the central European nations?

Finally, according to Full Facts, 70 per cent of Tories voted to leave the EU and in light of that fact I quote Conservative MP Richard Draxas as saying that ‘This Remain-orientated Government never had the will and courage to really leave the EU ... the word “betrayal” is a strong one, but that is what is being levelled at us by constituents. The Conservative Party, if it ever hopes to win the next election, must deliver Brexit in full, or face annihilation’.

Beware, Gillian.

John Hutchings, New Park Road, Chichester