Heart-wrenching process of saying goodbye to some of our memories

You can’t put a price on your memories – and if you could it would be a lot more than just ten pence!

At the weekend I watched as bagfuls of memories were scooped up at bargain prices at a car boot sale as part of our ‘everything must go’ clear-out at home.

My hubby and I managed to dispatch our little ones off to my parents for a sleepover on Saturday night – much to the excitement of my son – and we spent an exciting evening sorting and packing boxful of clothes, shoes, hats, equipment and toys.

For a few weeks I have been selling the odd item here and there online and have given some to friends, but to suddenly clear out a massive heap of three-years’-worth of stuff in one go was a little bit of a heart-wrencher.

The majority of it had belonged to my son, but there was even a box of my little girl’s newborn and 0-3-months clothes among the pile.

So on Sunday morning, instead of enjoying a child-free lie-in, we set the alarm and headed out the door at 6.30am, armed with our car-full of wares.

And, after carefully arranging our stall, we set out our price plan which included clothes at 25 pence each and little toys starting at just ten pence.

It was not long before interested buyers headed our way and started to look through our piles of memories and buying it by the armful.

With just about every item we sold, I can remember my son or daughter wearing that top or trousers or dress which feature in the seemingly millions of pictures we have of our children. (Welcome to the digital age indeed)

Worse still were the items which had been worn only once or even not at all being sold at the shops for £10, £15 or more, but by us for a pittance.

Obviously we could have held out and tried to get a bit more for them, but we thought the pull-off-the-plaster-quickly approach was the best way forward – painful but over with quickly!

And anyway what is the point of coming back with boxes full of clothes my children can’t wear? 
We have kept back one special newborn outfit to pass down to each child when they get older, but that’s it.

I still have the odd item to sell online, but what little we brought back with us from the car boot is going to find itself donated to friends or charity shops by the end of the week.

And my little girl will finally get her bedroom back instead of it looking like a stockroom. Besides, I am sure it won’t be long before both my children’s rooms will be filled with new items and memories - later sold at knockdown prices at a car boot near you!