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Chestnut Tree House hospice
Chestnut Tree House hospice

Many grandparents share a special bond with their grandchildren.

To learn that your grandchild has a life-limiting condition can present challenging situations and raise difficult emotions and questions.

Having a life-limited grandchild is likely to cause great concern for you and you may find that your relationship with them changes. Similarly, you may find that your relationship with your own child changes.

Here at Chestnut Tree House, we offer a number of services that aim to support the whole family, including grandparents who have a life-limited grandchild.

One of the less formal events we hold is a lovely cream tea for the grandparents. It is a great chance to have a chat with other people in similar circumstances and share ideas and strategies for coping.

This time, we went to a very nice hotel just outside East Grinstead called Gravetye Manor, which is a wonderful supporter of Chestnut Tree House. As well as enjoying a delicious cream tea, we were also lucky enough to have the chance to look around the beautiful gardens there.

Chestnut Tree House cares for the whole family, because we know that if we can help parents, siblings and grandparents, then we can all work together to give the best possible support for a child with a life-shortening condition.

Grandparents who want to find out more about the services we offer, can visit our website at

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