The joy of ice skating is great for Chichester

As a native of Chichester having lived there for 22 years prior to my retirement and move to Spain, I was very surprised and pleased to see that an ice skating rink was opening for the Christmas period.

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 5:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:18 am
DM18113256a.jpg. Opening of Chichester Ice Rink in Priory Park. Photo by Derek Martin Photography. SUS-181130-185632008

Then I read of the opposition to the rink reinforced in the letter from Richard Plowman and concluded that nothing had changed in the attitude towards the young people and family entertainment in the city. What a disappointment.

I recall many years ago a marquee being erected along with auxiliary structures in the centre of the park for a charity celebrity luncheon with no objections.

Also a beer festival has been held in the park for many years and I would imagine that families of skaters will be less boisterous than beer drinkers.

The rink complex is located near the entrance to the park as is the beer festival causing minimum disruption to the users of the park. What is the problem.

I had been ice skating three years ago in Brighton with my granddaughter and what a pleasure almost mastering the skill of skating.

A repeat performance beckoned.

At 72 years old stepping on the ice after three years I thought ‘what am I doing’ but at the end of the 45 minutes I was able to do a circuit of the rink without clinging on to the barrier – what a joy for us both.

The banter with the spectators, the parents on the ice with their families and youngsters taking a tumble only to get up and try again.

Excellent support from the attendants who I would like to say were very diligent and professional, if some fell they were there to ensure they OK and assist them on there way.

Richard also felt that the costs were high. In my opinion they are very reasonable compared to a family visit to a pantomime at any theatre. I didn’t feel the costs were too high for the enjoyment of time spent with my granddaughter.

In fact the cost was less than I paid three years ago.

Oaklands Park was considered as a possible venue. Wisely, Priory Park was chosen, I imagine due to the proximity to the city centre shops, restaurants and bars bringing visitors and revenue into the city.

I wish the organisers and the excellent staff every success in this and future projects. Richard get your skates on. It finishes on 6th January, you never know you may enjoy it.

Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo a ti y a todos tus lectores.

Ian Edwards, Malaga