Katy Bourne’s Video Log (28th March)

Tune in to a special ‘youth edition’ of the Police & Crime Commissioner’s vlog this month, filmed at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings and featuring the UK Rock Challenge.

The Rock Challenge is an anti-drug and crime-prevention campaign that takes the form of a friendly performing arts competition for schools and colleges. The aim is to show young people how they can achieve a ‘natural high’ in life through participation in a creative team event, rather than relying on substances. Participation in the Rock Challenge, which has been running in the UK since 1996, has also shown to have many other positive effects including building self-esteem and teamwork skills among participants, reducing antisocial behaviour and truancy rates in schools and improving relationships between schools and the local community.

Katy Bourne, PCC for Sussex. Taken at County Hall, Lewes. 11/10/13

Katy Bourne, PCC for Sussex. Taken at County Hall, Lewes. 11/10/13

Mrs Bourne, along with members of her Youth Commission, attended the event and invited performers to join in the Big Conversation and share their views and experiences of the police and crime in Sussex. They also presented an award on the night to one of the winning performances.

In this month’s vlog the Commissioner also explains why she is urging her PCC colleagues to support specialist services for young victims and witnesses, sharing the story of one young woman, Demi, aged 19 from Eastbourne who first came into contact with the Young Witness Service in Sussex when she was 14 years old and due to give evidence in Court against a man accused of raping her.