KELLY BROWN: A change from the old routine is as unfathomable as having two heads

REMEMBER that scene in A Bug’s Life where the ants go into meltdown because they have lost their line?

A leaf falls in front of them so it takes a specialist team to guide them around the obstacle – because it just doesn’t occur to them to do something different.

I’ve come to the conclusion kids are like ants (bear with me). As well as being tiny and everywhere – any changes to their normal routine or way of doing things is a totally alien concept.

This week my little man wanted to call me at work to tell me all about his day and the toy he had not-so-secretly kidnapped from his grandparents’ house.

So my hubby duly called me at work on his mobile phone, only for my son to look at him as though he had two heads and refuse to speak to me – because it was the wrong phone.

He wanted to speak to me on the landline, and any change to that particular plan was just not on the cards.

It was the same when we reinstated a stairgate between the living room and the kitchen.

He just could not fathom how on earth he could get out of the living room, despite the fact we have two doors leaving out of it.

We had to physically walk with him to the other door and show him he could go out that way. Bless.

Just one of his many little quirks where, if things are not as they are expected, then a ‘computer says no’ switch goes off in his brain.

He even told me off the other day when I said he could start his lunch because everyone else wasn’t ready and we all eat together. (Silly Mummy forgetting my manners.)

And I know he is not alone, many of my friends’ little ones are exactly the same. A different coat, cup toothpaste are all met with a mixture of bewilderment and suspicion.

But then it occurred to me that kids learn through routine and repetition. That’s why we deliberately set up things like bedtime routines, snack times and sitting at the table to eat.

So it is no shock learning to unlearn these things, can be a just a little bit tricky too.

Make it undateable....

Has anyone else been watching The Undateables on Channel4?

It is utterly brilliant!

Featuring people who struggle to date because they have disabilities or conditions such as tourettes or autism it is entertaining, sad and heartwarming all at the same time.

It also really highlights some people’s prejudice and the stupid things they do or say to people who are different.

So absorbing – and not to be missed!

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