KELLY BROWN: A night out is not what it used to be, I like to be able to sit down!

When you are in your 30s, going out to ‘young’ pubs and nightclubs doesn’t tend to be at the top of your list of venues for a night out.

Most of us would much rather stay in with a takeaway and film or visit friends and spend the evening with them. If you do go out, the venue is more often than not a quieter pub or venue (where you can actually hear other people talk!), a restaurant or even the cinema.

Those ‘young’ venues tend to be saved for the occasional big night out or if you go out with friends who have not realised they are not 25 any more.

Of course there are occasions when convenience, or should I say good deals on cocktails, are the driving force for a choice of venue when you go out.

And over the Easter that was the main factor when I went out with a few of my friends and as designated driver I left the venue choice to someone else.

Well you know you are getting old when the first thing you think of when you step inside is that the music is too loud.

But you soon adjust and we bagged a table (a sign or getting old when comfort comes first) and had a good old catch-up.

But the evening soon descended into a comedy of ridiculousness designed to entertain ourselves if no-one else.

First of all is the ID machine. One of those computer contraptions which scans your driving licence or passport on your way in to double check your age and check you are not an unsavoury character.

The most amusing part of this game was the fact it flashed up your age in giant numbers, and we had the prime position. So needless to say we wasted quite a bit of time playing a ‘guess how old they are’ game. For the record, I was rubbish.

Then we participated in some people-watching and spent a bit of time criticising some of the new trends – if indeed men wearing giant cardigans is on trend! I’m getting judgmental as I get older, then.

But the highlight was seeing a lady in her 70s enjoying a night out with her grandchildren in the pub. So maybe you are never too old then...