KELLY BROWN: Back at my desk after six months whizzed by ...

Well, that’s it – six months have gone by in a blink of an eye and I’m back at my desk.

Today is my first day back at work after my maternity leave but even now I still feel in denial – as though it is not really real and just a figment of my imagination.

Obviously I knew this day would come but it only seems like a few weeks ago my beautiful daughter came into this world.

But now gone is day-after-day of not worrying what time I get dressed in the morning, trips to the park while it is quiet and watching The Lion King while eating breakfast with my little ones.

Not that the past week has been particularly relaxing – in fact quite the opposite.

Obviously I have been getting myself ready for work, which has involved washing and ironing my work clothes which have been hanging unloved in my wardrobe.

And I have had to get everything ready for my little lady starting nursery with taster sessions, name label sewing and form-filling among my list of chores.

There is also the small matter of my little man’s third birthday this weekend so cake buying and present wrapping have been on the agenda, as has a bout of denial over how quickly my son is growing up, too.

Oh, yes and there has been the small matter of enjoying every last minute I have with my kids before work rudely gets in the way of family life.

So it has been trips to the woods, the park and soft play areas for me in a ploy to deceive myself that such a huge chapter in my life is about to end.

One of my friends – in the same boat as me – rather ‘helpfully’ felt the need to point out this will be my last long break from work until I retire.

Oh, great, thanks for that. So I have to wait another 35 years until I don’t have to juggle work and family life? I bet that doesn’t fly by in the same way.

The juggling – ah yes, I forgot about that. I guess this means I will have to make sure I get myself back into super-organised mode, making packed lunches, bottles and packing clothes in the evenings to prevent a mad panic in the mornings.

Being a second-time mum at least I know what to expect, and I know I will probably have a few quiet cries in my first couple of weeks back because I miss my kids so much.

It just doesn’t make it any easier.