KELLY BROWN: Dreaming about the sunshine, while hibernating in the winter

‘MUMMY, is it summer next week?’, my little man asked my hopefully at the weekend.

Not that he wasn’t excited by the prospect of snow (well someone had to be).

But he had more pressing issues on his mind – when can we get out his paddling pool.

My little chatterbox then proceeded to drift off into a conversion about which of his two his paddling pools he was going to use this summer, while generously donating the other to his sister.

How kind, but very much wishful thinking considering the weather this week.

Not that I want to wish the year away (I still can’t believe it is March already), but thoughts of summer are about the only think keeping me warm other than the piles of jumpers and blankets.

But his request did get me thinking to how much I am still in full hibernation mode.

While in the summer I’m always arranging to meet up for days out with family or my friends and their little ones but at this time of year you just can’t.

It’s too cold/wet/snowy/windy/icy – take your pick!

You have either got to pile round each other’s homes and deal with the toy devastation afterwards, pay at some indoor venue or do last minute plans when the weather allows.

The result is we all feel like a bunch of unsocialables, all hibernating in the shelter of our homes and only venturing out for quick afternoon adventures with your nearest and dearest – because ringing around trying to organise last-minute plans is just too much effort.

I’ve got close friends I see almost every week in the summer, but in the winter I’m just too comfy at home.

Maybe when spring comes next week, it will inject a bit of life into me ready for the full on summer which will see me out and about all the time.

Actually, thinking about it I need time to rest in preparation for a mad summer of beaches, parks and woods.

Maybe summer can wait – and I need to hibernate just a little bit longer.

A year gone already

I’VE got one of those sad puppy dog faces on at the moment.

My little girl is turning one next month.

It seems like only yesterday we were awaiting her arrival, now my hubby and I are busy planning a little birthday party.

I thought with my son the first year flew by far too quickly.

But second time around it is flashing by at supersonic speed.

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