KELLY BROWN: Goodness knows where my little lady is getting her girly side from!

SHOES, bags, necklaces and hats – my little lady is becoming obsessed with them.

My girl is suddenly showing off her feminine side with an enthusiasm for shoes and accessories which I would expect from a 20-year-old.

She will sit at the bottom of the stairs for ages picking up her shoes and desperately try to put them on her feet – a tough task for an 18-month-old.

And when that doesn’t work or she has sufficiently examined her shoes, she turns her attention to mine.

She loves trying to take them off people’s feet and put them back on again.

And if you are not wearing any shoes she will promptly run off and find some for you.

Any stray hat goes straight onto her head, even if it belongs to her brother.

If she spots any of my beads she goes into full magpie mode and grabs them before popping them around her own neck with a big beaming smile.

Bags are a particularly amusing obsession, being carried around on her arm – whether it is a proper little bag or a toy shopping basket.

And it seems not actually being a bag is not an obstacle as she walks around carrying a jigsaw puzzle box around the living room by its handle and parading it around in a catwalk-style fashion.

I know in a few years time I will definitely see my girl clumping through the door donning my heels, carrying my handbag and wearing my beads.

Goodness knows where she is getting it from.

I’m no girly, girl and, with an older brother, everyone expected her to be a little tom boy.

Mind you, at least I know this girly side of her is most definitely accompanied by a tom boy attitude rather than one of a wall flower.

My friend has started calling her ‘Danger Dan’ as she climbs on everything in sight, throws herself around, gets all dirty and runs around yelling in delight.

‘She really holds her own with the boys,’ one of the staff at nursery told me last week after she moved up from the baby group to the tots group.

Tom boy or not – that’s my girl!

Do I need sleep?

MY CHALLENGE – whether I accept it or not – seems to be to see how little sleep I can get by on at the moment.

Like a coordinated tag team, my two little monkeys seem to be taking it in turns to wake up through the night.

Or (as a special treat) they both wake up two of three times for me just to really keep me on my toes.

It’s fine, I can survive on fours hours (ish) sleep a night. I’ll just have to have a sneaky nap at my desk.

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