KELLY BROWN: Having fun really is child’s play – you just have to do as you are told

WHEN it comes to having fun, it really is child’s play.

I absolutely love watching little ones playing in their own magical world – even if I really don’t understand the rules. Take my son for instance, who is totally hooked on playing hide and seek.

Now, if you have seen the episode of Peppa Pig where little George always hides in exactly the same place, then that’s my son.

Always in my bedroom, and always next to my bed – at least to start with.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. You see there are very specific rules about the start of hide and seek.

Where the counter stands is one (changeable) rule. What number to count to is another.

Last time we played the counter had to go up to 31. I’ve no idea where that number came from or what magical powers this number has, but there it is.

We parents must do as we are told!

Then when it comes to the finding process, the grown-ups must ‘search’ every other room first (shouting a convincing ‘hmmm, he is not in here’) before shuffling off to the spot where you know he is and accidentally finding him.

The acting skills of myself and my hubby seem to please my little man, although we are still awaiting our Oscars.

And never fear, there are more rules and instructions to follow when the grown-up is the hider. Top of the list is to hide where you are told.

And in our home, these instructions, like a well-oiled routine and involve hiding next to the bed until he has checked in the bed and left the room.

Then, as cunning as a fox and quick as the wind, the adult hider must move and hide in the bed, only to be found later and told you have tricked my son.

And then we have to do it all over again, with my munchkin doing the tricking this time.

Still, if I am looking for respite there is always one of my daughter’s favourite games – the ‘ta’ game.

She takes great delight in passing me something, only for me to pass it back each time saying ‘ta’ over and over again. Well, she finds it hilarious, and I find her amusing.

A year has flown by

EXACTLY one year ago today I became a mum for the second time – and how the time has flown by.

It only seems like yesterday I was holding my gorgeous little girl in my arms for the first time, and now I’m clutching her hand as she tries to walk by herself.

She is a bundle of joy and a complete cheeky monkey and I could not imagine my world without her.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.