KELLY BROWN: I don’t care if I’m getting old, my Sundays are now for having a nap

I REMEMBER a time when Sunday afternoons were for lazy lunches, lovely walks and relaxation.

Well in the Brown household our Sunday became the day of the family afternoon nap.

My little man was exhausted after a sleepover with his cousin which, naturally, involved a late bed time. And my little lady is still very much in need of her naps.

So, on this new snooze day we went out for the morning to the park, for a little walk and a cuppa before heading home with two conked out kids.

We put them to bed and thought about what we should do – housework, preparing the tea, relaxing together and watching a film.

Well the verdict was ... have an afternoon nap ourselves.

In my teens and twenties the notion of an afternoon nap would have been incomprehensible, except as some part of a recovery process from the night before.

But an afternoon nap or any other reason ...? That is for old people.

Well it seems I’m deeming myself ‘old’ because I’m officially exhausted and my hubby and I were snoozing the afternoon away while the young were out enjoying themselves.

Maybe I can blame it all on the winter and the cold weather making me and my hubby want to hibernate.

Or it could be the fact illness has been hanging around our house like a the guest who won’t leave, and it is sucking all of the energy away and making us sleepy.

Of course we are juggling the demands of work, home and kids every day, but even we are sleepier than even our normal standards.

Fingers crossed when the spring arrives it will bring with it renewed energy making my battle with the ironing basket less Herculean. And packing up the supplies – and ditching the hats, gloves and scarves – for a family day out won’t be such an effort.

But for now I think I will continue to hide under my duvet and snooze the winter Sunday afternoons away – even if it makes me sound old!

What is a holiday?

One of my best friends is having a baby this summer, and she was lamenting the fact she won’t go abroad this year.

This year? – I have not been abroad since my honeymoon in 2006! Instead I told her should would be joining the Butlins club and she was horrified.

Not that there is anything wrong with Butlins (as you know we love it).

But while lazing on a beach is a distant memory for me – changing the definition of ‘holiday’ it is sudden realisation for her.

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