KELLY BROWN: I just can’t help myself, I’ll always sing to just about everything I hear

AS MY poor work colleagues will testify, I love to sing. All the time!

Put me anywhere near a radio and I’ll be singing along within moments whether I realise it or not.

And even worse, I have a tendency to just randomly sing odd lines of songs whenever they come into my head.

Like a bizarre stream of consciousness, I just can’t help 
myself, and as I type this, I find 
myself singing along to Tiffany’s 
I Think We’re Alone Now.

And I have been known to randomly start singing nursery rhymes and children’s songs without knowing it

So I’d like to have it down in writing that I apologise for my total lack of self control – and apologise for the fact it will continue!

But let’s face it, there is nothing better to put a smile on your face than a bit of a sing song and a bit of a dance in my chair/kitchen/car...

It does not matter if it is a song from before I was born (Elvis), when I was a baby (ABBA), when I was a small child (Queen) or when I was a teenager (Take That). All make for a great sing-song.

And then of course you have the classics. Who can beat a bit of Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi?

Now I’ve been evicted from listening to Radio 1 for being too old, I find myself listening to more ‘golden hours’ and ‘time tunnels’ on the radio than I ever have before.

A whole hour of 90s’ cheese – sing-song heaven for me!

But listening to the radio, I do wonder what the modern classics of tomorrow are going to be.

A bit of The Wanted, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift make for a great sing-a-long now, but do they really have what it takes to stand the test of time?

And with so many cover versions of old songs these days (some of which are better than the original) there are even slimmer pickings on offer.

Crikey, maybe this is yet another sign of my getting old if I’m starting to be bored by the songs in the charts.

Maybe I should stick to children’s songs or the classics!

Oh well, on to a sing-a-long to the next song which has come on to the radio.... got to love Barry White!

Is it still too early?

IT may still be October (just) but my little ones are already getting ready for Christmas.

By which I mean they are glued to the television every time a toy advert comes on, followed by an ‘I’d like that’ from my son.

And now my mum has taken them along to see festive decorations at my local garden centre, the countdown is going to begin. How long can I claim it is too early to think about Christmas?