KELLY BROWN: It is that time of year when just about everyone gets a cold ..

YOU could almost make a song from all of the sneezes and sniffles in our office.

Yes it is that time of year. While some are getting excited about the countdown to Christmas, others are stocking up on tissues, throat sweets and hot drinks.

It is like a doctor’s waiting room – and one-by-one we are succumbing to colds.

I was starting to feel quite pleased with myself, while those around me were getting ill I was staying unusually healthy. Although the downside is this usually means illness hits me in Christmas week.

But now, taking pride of place on my desk is my supply of medication and soothers – as well as copious amount of tissue.

And combined with those of everyone else, this means we have either enough drugs to resemble a small chemist, or enough tissue to attract a cute little Labrador puppy.

Now of course the sensible thing to do would be for us all to stay home at the slightest sign of a cold.

This would mean not infecting everyone else at work and putting them in the same boat as you.

But of course you can’t stay home because of a cold? That’s not really being ill is it – even if you are having lozenges at 4am because your throat hurts that much.

So we soldier on, coughing and sneezing, and being desperately apologetic about our poor state of heath – wrapped up in cardigans and starves and secretly wishing we had a hot water bottle too.

What we really need is a protective, warm and snuggly bubble around us to keep us warm, make us feel better and stop us from spreading our germs around the place.

Mind you, unless all of us go around in bubbles we are all bound to get ill at one time or another – we always all do.

If work is not where we pick up our colds from then it is from our children, the checkout at the shops or that random person we pass on the street.

There is just no avoiding it.

So I’m just hoping that by getting mine out of the way in December I may actually avoid being ill over Christmas for once!