KELLY BROWN: It is that time of year when old toys need to be ruthlessly binned

I NEED a skip, or a cleaner – actually maybe I need both.

Oh yes, and some time to sit down and attempt the fun game of tidying up my children’s bedrooms.

Now to be fair they do not always resemble a scene of destruction or a piece of modern art cleverly entitled ‘messy bedroom’.

But post-Christmas their rooms seem to have taken on a jack-in-the-box kind of theme. I put everything away and somehow hours later everything springs back out again.

They also seem to mysteriously wander into different rooms – or find their way downstairs.

Now it is not because I have gone overboard at Christmas and bought an entire toy shop for each of them leaving their rooms fit to burst.

In fact I am always very restrained over the festive season purchasing just one present for each of my two little ones, and one joint gift (in an attempt to encourage a four and nearly-two-year-old to share).

After all, the big man brings them a gift and a stocking, and they got a gift from all of their other friends and family.

And I am a bit of an organisational machine, with each toy having its place in a certain box/tub/corner of the room.

So when it comes to having that tidy up I know exactly where everything is going to go.

The problem is in fact caused by my failing to find the time to sift through the old toys and weed out the ones they have outgrown and are just taken out by my little ones out of habit and dumped on the floor.

Every now and again I come across something they have outgrown and I take it out of their bedroom (in a bid to reduce the volume of their toys) ready to sell or give away.

But you can guarantee as soon as that child spots said toy they immediately want to play with it – even if they have had no interest in it for the previous six months.

And when it comes to my daughter’s toys I have the added sentimentality of looking at those little baby toys and being in denial of the fact she is no longer a baby but now 21 months old.

So the answer is going to be I need to ruthlessly raid their rooms and set aside all sentimentality.

Or get someone else to do it for me!

The pain of exercise

I EXERCISE every week, but when it comes to post-Christmas classes I feel like a newbie again.

Just having that couple of weeks of no classes means your body forgets, so when it all starts back up again you really know about it.

As I write this I ache and can barely lift my arms.

And I thought exercise was supposed to be good for you!