KELLY BROWN: It must be autumn because I can’t dry my washing

How do I know autumn has arrived? Because I can’t dry my washing and I’m having casserole for tea.

I’ve become an avid watcher of the weather reports and been trying to dodge the heavy downpours, and hang my washing out on the line when it has been dry in an attempt to ensure we all have clothes to wear everyday.

But more than once I’ve been caught out – or just plain stupid – and left a load hanging outside when the dry spell turns into rain.

Of course I could stick it in my tumble dryer, except this summer my husband lobbied for us to get rid of our, admittedly ancient, tumble dryer which was cluttering up his shed.

So now while he has a very tidy looking shed, I have nowhere to dry our clothes!

Instead I have had to turn my home into a scene of a Victorian laundry room with essentials hanging over the backs of chairs, on doors and even handles.

And I have perfected the art of fitting a row of my son’s tiny pants on the radiator.

But soon I’m going to have to either bite the bullet and get a new tumble dryer (sorry shed) or turn up at my mum’s house with bagfuls of wet clothes and hope she takes pity on me.

My washing saga just reinforces the feeling that autumnal feeling I seem to have at the moment.

As I’m writing this I can smell the casserole my husband is cooking – the first this side of spring – which instantly makes me want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and the biggest blanket in the world.

I’ve even also had to put my heating on a few times to take the chill out of the air so my little ones didn’t get cold.

With the evenings and mornings getting darker and the sunshine deciding it is time to pack its bags I’m sure it won’t belong until my hat, gloves and scarf will be joining my umbrella which has been getting a regular outing.

But I would like to hang on to the dim hope that we might have the odd warm and sunny day in October – if only to keep my husband’s shed looking tidy for a few more weeks!