KELLY BROWN: It’s that time of the year when we can eat lots of comfort food

HELP! I’m addicted to chocolate. And cakes and biscuits and, well, just about everything which is bad for me.

I used to be so good, only confining myself to no more than one ‘treat’ a day – and sometimes none at all – but just recently it has been two, or three, or ......... (I think I will stop there!)

A mid-morning biscuit, chocolate at lunch, afternoon biscuit, tea time cake ... the list goes on.

Even if I don’t buy these treats at the shop for home I find myself easily cracking at work when one of my colleagues pipes up and asks if anyone wants anything from the shop.

My will power crumbles – and my purse comes out as I ask for more chocolate.

I’m blaming the weather, well it is as good as an excuse as any!

It is getting cold and comfort food seems to be the order of the day.

Last week I had chicken salad for my tea and although it was yummy it also just felt wrong.

Instead all salad-type stuff should be substituted for chicken hotpot, stews, soups and dumplings.

Proper food, as my nan would say!

Roast dinners, Yorkshire puddings and custard... well it is the staple diet of all us Brits isn’t it?

It is like my body has realised it is cold outside and all it wants is warming comfort food and comfort treats.

Cricky – I now I sound like I’m fattening up for hibernation! (Better put a stop to that one).

Maybe it is a sign I am finally a grown-up (ish) because the need for warm comfort food has still not hit my son yet. Chocolate (a la advent calendar) – yes, hot food – no!

If you put a plate of chicken, mash potato and peas in front of him it will start an instant protest. He doesn’t want hot food, he still wants picnic food which is way more fun.

So while his sister points to the table and rushes to enjoy her hot food, my little man is pleading for a cold carpet picnic instead.

I’m sure eventually he will grow to appreciate his hot food just like I am – even if it does also make me feel just a little bit sleepy!

Feeling organised ...

OKAY, so now it is December I will accept the fact people can get ready for Christmas without it being too early.

And with that in mind this week I have made a real good start on my festive shopping and felt really proud of myself at how organised I am.

Well that was until I was handed my first Christmas card and it dawned on me I had totally forgotten to even think about getting any.

Back to the shops for me then.