KELLY BROWN: It was a visit to the hospital for my little girl who will not keep still

MY LITTLE girl is no little lady. She is too busy charging around and getting herself covered in bruises for that.

Maybe it is because she has an older brother and feels the need to keep up with him.

Maybe it is because she is a little tomboy – despite her pretty and delicate appearance.

Whatever it is, her tendency to spend her time climbing on things she shouldn’t and running around like a little looney landed her in A&E at the weekend.

She was running (obviously – the girl hates to walk when running gets you there quicker) and tripped and hit her head on a doorframe at her grandparents’ house.

Cue a big cut on the forehead, tears and being whisked off to the hospital for treatment.

Honestly, I used to think it was my son who was going to be the one who would end up in hospital with his daredevil antics.

But seemingly his little sister just could not wait to beat him!

She was as good as gold at the hospital – excited by the toys she got to play with while she waited to be seen. And after she had her head glued and stuck back together, she was deemed to be a brave little soldier and was rewarded with three bravery stickers.

When having to explain to friends and nursery what had happened – and fill in all the accident forms – the reaction was the same everywhere. ‘We are not surprised.’

At least everyone knows what she is like. While other little girls are sitting pretty and admiring their shoes – she is admiring just how much mud she can get on her wellies, while tearing around the woods with all the enthusiasm of a little puppy.

So has her visit to the hospital made her more careful?

You bet it hasn’t – and do you know what, I would not have it any other way.

I love how she throws herself into everything and just enjoys it, even if her daredevil antics make my heart jump sometimes.

If she spent too much time sitting still, I’d know something was wrong.

Feeling terrible

THERE is nothing worse in the morning than when you have to leave your child to go to work.

Especially when they are upset.

This morning I had my son plead with me ‘please don’t go to work mummy, I want to spend the day with you’. I felt awful. It is not as though I’m desperate to leave my little ones.

Luckily he was a bit happier when I explained mummy needed to work to get pennies. Apparently though, I have to spend all my pennies on toys!