KELLY BROWN: January is the month of making plans and breaking our good intentions!

I CAN’T wait for January to be over – then life can finally return to normal.

It seems to be almost a ‘buffer’ month, or the festive hang-over month, where people have no money and are thinking of other ways to fill that pre-Christmas madness void.

Top of so many people’s list is the annual health kick where it seems the world and his wife has decided to join the gym.

Suddenly my exercise classes have gone from a comfortable number to a ‘pack-them-in-like-sardines’ count.

And, to add insult to injury, a couple of my classes I have had to go on the waiting lists to get into because the newbies’ enthusiasm has seen them take all the places.

If it is not the gym or exercise classes, then it is going for walks or cycling or a range of other outdoor activities which will be carried out until that enthusiasm has ran out.

Then of course there is all the healthy eating intentions when we stock up on fruit, veg, seeds and a vast array of ‘healthy’ options in a bid to lose some of those extra pounds gained over Christmas.

But of course this is totally hampered by the fact so many people still have chocolate, treats and sweets left over from the festive season.

So all good intentions go out the window as we tuck into just a few chocolates in an evening, followed by a few more, then a few more...

Seriously, I’m not bothering to try to be any healthier than I already am because I know I will never keep it up all year. And anyway my weekly exercise routine, running around after two little ones and ensuring I don’t fill my cupboard with rubbish will do the trick without any extra on my part.

So, we are back to January being a buffer month when nights out in February are planned –when people do start having money again.

And then there is the researching and booking of holidays to give us something to look forward to. (I’ve got mine booked!).

And then the thoughts of doing DIY when the weather improves and January is out of the way start to occur to us.

So, roll on February...

Put your lights on

MINI rant alert: what is wrong with some drivers?

Yet again I drove into work this morning and saw people driving their cars in the fog with no lights on.

What, do they think their cars glow in the fog or something?

In a week where more than 30 drivers are being offered training courses after the 130-vehicle crash in foggy Kent last year, I find the stupidity of some people defies belief!