KELLY BROWN: Just a ten-minute ride across the water takes you to a magical land

The children should sleep well tonight’ my mum told me after a day out with them across the water to that little island in the Solent.

Forget the children sleeping well, I’m shattered, and as I type this, my little monkey of a daughter is still stubbornly refusing to give in to sleep.

We had a fantastic day trip to the Isle of Wight, prompted by my son’s excitement and pleas to one day go on the hovercraft.

Well, a sunny day on the school holidays seemed like a perfect way to grant his wish and keep my two children entertained.

So, joined by my mum on a day off, it was all aboard for us and off we popped on to the hovercraft for our little adventure.

‘Mummy, is this still the same country?’ my little man asked me.

Because of course while a trip on the hovercraft is very routine for some, to my excited little people it was just the start of an amazing adventure.

And it is this pure excitement and enthusiasm which I absolutely adore about children.

And it is exactly this pure excitement and enthusiasm which is absolutely exhausting for a grown-up.

Amazing energy just seems to materialise from nowhere, as well as question after question about where we are going.

Now in a nutshell, our trip involved lunch, the beach, fun fair, trampolines, ice-cream... nothing completely out of the ordinary.

But to my children it was completely magical and they ran around, threw themselves down inflatable slides and buried themselves in the sand like there was no tomorrow!

And of course when it was time to go home, they did not want to – they were just having far too much fun.

But home we went and as they finally slowed down and stopped for the day, tiredness started to creep in.

The wide-eyed excitement was replaced with yawning... Cue the comment from my mum about them sleeping.

If only that were always true.

These days our little adventures can leave me more tired than they are!