KELLY BROWN: Life is not one big competition, unless you live in our house that is ...

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I USED to think I was a competitive person – until I met my husband and his lovely family.

Then I entered a whole new world of competition where at mass gatherings there is over-competitive garden polo (complete with much argued-over rules), quizzes and games.

So it was among the banter and (friendly) arguments I realised how uncompetitive I really was in comparison.

And now I find it much more amusing to join my mother-in-law and be a spectator to the show!

But now it seems my little man is destined on a course to take after his father’s side of the family.

Every morning is a race downstairs and he gets terribly upset if he is not ‘the winner’.

(Note for health and safety people reading this – he ‘races’ in a safe and controlled environment!)

And he also wants to be the winner to the car, the winner having his seat belt done up first and ... well, pretty much wants to win at everything.

He even got upset when I put the breakfast stuff on the table before he did, because he wanted to be the winner and do it first.

Now, I will be the first to admit I have turned this to my advantage in the past.

If I need him to hurry up and go to the toilet, wash his hands, get dressed etc all I have to do is suggest I or his sister will beat him and he is off like a shot.

But now we are having to do a bit of rethink of our tactics.

We now have to ensure his sister wins occasionally – because there will be a point one day when it will really happen.

My husband wins sometimes (much to his own secret delight I’m sure) and when it comes to eating at the table the winners are those who eat all their food nicely and not quickly!

(See look health and safety people there really is nothing to see here).

I’m sure as she grows up my little girl will also be sucked into this competitive world.

So, it seems I am destined to be cast into the ‘nice to have taken part’ role in the future, and sit back while the family arguments begin!


Babies don’t do plans

HUGE congratulations Kate and William on the news of their new arrival.

But I do feel for them having to announce to the world their news before they were really ready.

While battling tiredness and morning sickness, most new mums do their best to conceal the news until after their 12 week scan when they know their baby is safe.

But babies have a tendency to not always go along with the plan.

Something Kate and Wills will have to get used to!