KELLY BROWN Mum’s the word... Family fun is the best way to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee

I know I should be feeling all patriotic this weekend, but I’m almost ashamed to admit I keep forgetting about the Queen’s jubilee celebrations.

And I don’t think I am alone.

While the supermarkets may be filled with Pimm’s, Union Jacks and party plates, I have almost totally tuned out of the celebrations this weekend.

And needless to say I’ve been avoiding all television programmes about the royal family like the plague.

It’s not that I am an anti-royal.

In fact I think our Queen is an excellent and much-respected monarch whose strength has helped this country though some very difficult times.

And through my line of work I’ve been lucky to view some of the royal family up close and see for myself how much their efforts in public life can be appreciated.

Perhaps it is because I am on maternity leave with such a young baby which has taken me out of the loop of normal society.

Just keeping track of what day it is, is hard enough – let alone keeping track of current events.

I know there are a number of large public events organised this weekend – including many in the Observer area – but I don’t know of any of my friends or family who have planned to go to anything yet.

Tomorrow I’m going to a jubilee party at my son’s nursery (he has been making a crown this week to wear) which will be lovely and I am sure we will have a fantastic time.

And that seems to be the same for most people I know – any jubilee parties or events they or their children are going to have been organised by the school, nursery or local club.

For a large number of people all the jubilee means to them is an extra day off work.

But perhaps having an extra day with the family and maybe raising a small glass to the Queen is all the celebration we really need.