KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word... I’m being far too sporting about all this on-screen sports takeover

Why is it that sport has suddenly taken over my television?

One night it is the football, the next the rugby. How did this happen?

Neither my husband nor I are massive television fans. We have certain things we enjoy watching, but on the whole when we do sit down and flick through the never-ending list of channels, there is usually nothing on.

That is until recently. Now we put our little man to bed, sort out tea and when I sit down I’m informed the football is on tonight. Well, I’m informed, it is the Champions League and we have British teams in the running.

My husband offers to go upstairs to attempt to watch the match on our tiny TV upstairs. But like a softy I say it is fine and will either stick something on upstairs or stay downstairs with him and do some internet shopping or read while half watching the match.

Next night, cup of tea in hand after an exhausting day, I finally sit down to discover football is again on my TV screen.

I’m informed that now it is the Europa League matches. Do I want him to go upstairs?

Now I actually like watching the sport on the television, but this combined with all of the Six Nations at the moment seems to be taking over.

Oh, and by the way the Formula 1 season starts in a few weeks.

I think we need a bigger TV upstairs.

Grown-up taste

Food obviously tastes better if it is from daddy’s plate.

How do I know? Well a certain little boy decided he was all full up at the weekend and didn’t want any more of his lunch.

‘But hang on what is daddy eating?’ you can see him thinking as he looks at the larger plate (actually it is exactly the same).

So my husband offers him a taste and the little monkey decides to eat daddy’s food instead.